• Who can apply for SkipTheLine?

    It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an already established software developer. If you have built things and want the best possible software developer job in India, you should apply

  • How does the process work?

    Based on your completed application, we reach out and schedule a phone call to understand more about your background, the kind of projects you have done and your aspirations to work in a high growth startup. If everything looks good, you are featured on the latest upcoming newsletter(One goes out every weekend) Once featured, you will be connected directly with startups who want to speak to you on email. The closure happens between you and the company

  • Do you charge for it?

    It is absolutely FREE for developers. Our only goal at SkipTheLine is to help top developers have the best jobs in high growth companies

  • After completing the application, when should I expect a call?

    You will receive an email with a link to pick a time for the call. Our team will call you at the scheduled time. It is not an interview but a conversation to understand you and your work better

  • How much time does it take to get hired?

    We have seen that on an average a person receives at least 2 offers within 10 days which can go to a high of 6-7 offers in the same time. SkipTheLine is the fastest and a direct way for talented developers to get hired without applying. Your joining depends on

  • How many people have gotten hired till now?

    Within the first two months of starting SkipTheLine, 15 developers got hired at an average of 10 days from being featured in the newsletter. Many more have gotten hired post that

  • What are some companies which are part of SkipTheLine?

    We have been in the Indian Startup ecosystem helping build and nurture it for over 6 years now. In the process, we have built a direct network with the founders of almost every high growth startup, which means that apart from the 60 partners we have right now(including smallcase, exotel, one of the largest fintech companies of Japan who has set foot in India and more), it is only a matter of time when the number of partner companies will cross 200(with the likes of PayTm, Oyo, Flipkart etc)

  • Can I speak to someone who has gotten hired through SkipTheLine?

    Absolutely. Post our call if you want to speak to a developer who has gotten hired, we will more than happy to arrange the call. You can also speak to a hiring partner who has hired people through SkipTheLine

  • What salary can I expect if I get hired through SkipTheLine?

    It is completely dependent on your profile and the kind of projects you have built. We have enabled a fresher to get hired for 18L and experienced developer(4 years) get hired for 25L+

  • Do you help in Salary negotiation? I have more questions, whom should I connect with?

    SkipTheLine gets out of the picture once you have been connected with the startups who are interested in speaking to you. When you receive multiple offers and not sure which one to go for, we are more than happy to help you make an informed decision as we have done for everyone who has gotten hired till now If you have more questions, please drop us an email at: niti@skiptheline.tech

  • Can I see how a newsletter looks like?

    For sure, this is how it looked like when we first started: SkipTheLine newsletter,

  • Will my present company know that I am looking out?

    No, it is a private newsletter and no one can see it. Also when your name goes out there is no other information that helps a company identify who you are. We will exclude the company you are presently in from the newsletter(featuring you) to ensure it even further