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What Developers Say

Jai Kathuria

I was one of the first few to have gotten featured on SkipTheLine. Having developed programming skills, I lacked the network to nail the best possible job as a fresher. SkipTheLine ensured that I had 5 offers within 7 days and was spoilt for choices. If it is not for SkipTheLine, I might have landed at a place where my true potential wouldn’t have been met and I am ever grateful

What Companies Say

Vasanth, Smallcase

We have hired two people already through SkipTheLine and did so within two months. It curates the best talent in a format never seen before and helps separates the best allowing us to save on time to close a hire

Why SkipTheLine?

Good developers at wrong workplaces

Too many developers don’t realize their true potential and are stuck at the wrong workplace

Access to opportunities

Every good developer should have access to the best opportunities and not left to fend for themselves. You have worked hard to acquire the skills, let the jobs come to you